Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Think You Underestimate My Sneakiness

I posted this little escapade a few months ago, but seeing as it's a story that we tell again and again, I figured you wouldn't mind.  That and the fact that one of this week's prompts for Mama Kat was about a time "you crawled through a window".  Makes for an easy day's work for me!

(Easy day of writing, of course.  I still have four little monkeys to keep up with and I'm currently on day four of The Summer House Purge of 2011!  Stay tuned for the yard sale of the century soon!)

Let me set the scene for you ...

My family had taken a trip to Fort Collins, Colorado for a swim meet.  I don't remember much of the meet because I was there purely as a cheerleader.  I don't even remember cheering, but I do have a vague memory of sitting on a hard metal bleacher seat for several hours.  But it was for my sissy, so it was worth it, I'm sure.

We had some time after the meet to go miniature golfing and have dinner ... then the sneakiness began.  My parents had made arrangements for us to stay the night at a friend's house.  Actually, I think "friend" is probably a generous word ... more likely an acquaintance or fellow employee.  I'm not certain of the relationship between us and the home owners, but I'm quite certain that there had been limited verbal arrangements made prior to our stay.  Hence the need to be sneaky-sneaky.

Upon arriving at the house that evening, we found the doors locked.  All of them.  Hmmm ... that wasn't very helpful.  Following this unfortunate discovery, there ensued a rather lively discussion about our puzzling sleeping arrangements.  It didn't look good.

During this time, it was discovered that there was one window that was open a crack.  With a little work, we might be able to push it open far enough to climb through.  The problem was the height of the window.  Who could we lift high enough to shimmy through that opening?  Who, oh who?  Commence the sneakiness:

I couldn't find the "half in/half out" snapshot.

With just a little bit of wiggling and giggling, I was able to balance precariously on an up-ended cooler, hoist myself (with a bit of help from those down below) and shimmy my way through the window and into the bathtub.  Ta-dah!

Because of my cat-like skills, I made it possible for my family to sleep in a house instead of the car.  You're very welcome.

So ... there you have it.  After that, no one in my family underestimated my sneakiness.

(*Please go watch, "Mr. Deeds" and see for yourself what true sneakiness looks like.)

Prompt #1 from

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. And so....did the homeowners ever know? Or are you just THAT sneaky?! :-)

  2. NICE! I hope the family appreciated the cat like window climbing skills!

  3. You also could have written about the time we crawled in through a window to work on our pottery during college. I think we re the only college student who broke onto a classroom early on a Saturday to actually do WORK for our class!!

  4. Were you a cat burglar in another life? Funny post...

  5. Oh, Krystal! I totally forgot about that! I don't know how ... it was such a crazy thing to do. Didn't the professor hint at doing such a thing as a "good idea" if we wanted to do well in the class? What a nut! Miss you, friend!

  6. Your guys were really lucky they had you with them, a night cramped up in the car doesn't sound like much fun.

  7. Your parents must have been so proud:)


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