Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Family of Rockstars!

Norah has a rockstar Daddy.  We already knew that, but then recently he did something even more amazing.  It wasn't that he bought plane tickets for us to travel back to Denver.  It wasn't that he willingly pays for her to cartwheel, arabesque and practice back walk-overs at Kidzplex.  It wasn't that he happily forks out the cash for her buy a new sparkly leotard every season.

No.  He's amazing because he was willing to drive cross-country with his other three kids in a van for two and half days so that she could compete at the State Meet and I could cheer her on.

Do you see where Norah gets her Rockstar-ness?

Thank you, Daddy, for supporting our little girl ... and letting me be along for the ride!

Here is a little snapshot into Norah's first meet at the state-level.  That little rockstar rocked the gym!

I don't know that there is anything more amazing than watching your little person walk out onto the gym floor and with fantastic confidence take on the challenges before her.  I know that she is only 7 years old, but that day, she had poise and self-confidence that even me with my 30ish years have trouble mustering up.

I'm proud of you, Nuna ... and I hope and pray that you will always be able to face life with that same level of tenacity and faith.


  1. How awesome! You must be very proud...really enjoyed watching her routines. After seeing her I feel inspired to do a back flip or something! (wish I could do one, but really can't) Go Norah!

  2. She's amazing! She has a strong gymnastic future ahead of her! We're so proud of her too!


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