Thursday, January 27, 2011

Slow down, Little Missy!

Ashley turns five in a little over a month and a half.  But you would think it was actually her tenth birthday we were preparing for!  In the past several days, we have seen in our little girl an intense urgency to grow up ... and I need her to put on the brakes!

Today as we prepared to go to the grocery story, Ashley packed her purse with her chapstick, a little money ("Just in case.") and her plastic cell phone.  What she thought she could buy with two pennies, I'm not sure, but she was going to be prepared.  She proceeded to make a number of phone calls to her friend, Kylie and even arranged a sleep over.  Then Kylie called back and Ashley complained about how often she calls and texts her (something I don't even know how to do) ... and said she would just let her leave a message.  Eventually we arrived at the store and she insisted on bringing in her purse because she, "might need to make a call."  A little too real for me, thanks!

Is her purse big enough?

Little Le-Le has also taken to making herself a school lunch in the morning.  Just like Aaron and Norah's.  She makes herself a sandwich and pops it in her little, princess, sandwich keeper.  She serves up a little yogurt in a mini-tupperware dish and grabs a plastic spoon.  Then she gets a baggie for her goldfish and another little container for her grapes.  She finishes up by filling her own little water-bottle with some juice and snags a sweet treat for later.  All this gets plopped in her paper sack which she sets in the fridge for later.  When lunch arrives, Lydia and I have to fend for ourselves while Little Missy unpacks her lunch and dives in!  I think her favorite parts of her meal are the juice drink, sweet treat and clearing her containers to the sink ... just like the big kids.

Note the Jolly Rancher ... she wanted to make sure it was in the picture.

Last week, Ashley rediscovered the game "Pretty, Pretty Princess".  Not because it's a fun game to play, mind you, but because of all the bling.  She loves to wear the necklaces, the rings, the bracelets and the earrings.  All four colors sometimes.  In fact, we played the actual game the other morning and it was tough to keep track of how close she was to winning because she had on her regular bling in addition to her extra bling she was earning on her turns.  By the end she was fully decked out ... and really quite sparkly.

The crown might be a bit much. :)

Yes ... my little girly-girl is eager to grow up.  About as eager as I am for her to stay small. :)

Fortunately, I do have the consolation that she still wants to be my little girl ... for a little while longer, at least.  The other day we were chatting at the kitchen table.  She was working on some homework and I asked her if she was excited to get to go to school next year.

Ashley:  "Oh yeah!  I can't wait to go and do work."
Me:  "Good.  But I'll miss you."
Ashley:  "Well ... I'll come home.  Like when the teachers are done, I won't sleep there."
Me:  "That's good news.  I want you to come home."
Ashley:  "Yeah ... I will.  Until I go to college.  Then I won't."

Ouch!  How will my mommy-heart handle that?!?  Let's just say that I'm grateful that she is only turning five and that I have several more years with her until I have to drop her off at her dorm and say goodbye.

So, you better slow down, Little Missy!  I need you to stay my little girl just a little bit longer ... like until you're 30.  Then I'll let you go. :)

My sweet, sweet girl

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