Thursday, January 13, 2011

Can You Pass the Sugar?

Saturday is one of my very favorite days of the week ... purely for the way it starts!  Our typical Saturday morning starts slow and stays slow.  Especially for me, as Brett is usually the one up with the kids and I snuggle and slumber a bit longer.  (Thanks, Sweetie!)  I tease Brett that I love living at a B&B ... to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and breakfast on the table - that's a definite luxury.  On any given morning, Brett will treat us to homemade banana muffins, scrambled eggs, waffles, coffee cake, pancakes or 

... aebleskivers!  

Such tantalizing little balls of tasty-goodness!
This is a Danish pancake baked in a special griddle with little round divots. My sister-in-law highlighted our family recipe on her blog ... so I won't share the specifics here.  Instead, I'll share the sticky smiles of some superbly satisfied customers.  Then you will be inspired to make them yourself and get your own syrupy snapshots!

Norah loves to "snow" on her aebleskivers with powdered sugar.  She has a veritable blizzard on her side of the table when she is done!

Ashley also likes a little "snow" on her delicious morsels.  But she is also partial to cinnamon sugar.  And regular granulated sugar.  And honey ... anything sweet, I guess.

Aaron typically chooses to dip his bites in syrup or perhaps nestle a little bit of jam in the center.  We had both homemade strawberry and apricot jam to choose from this morning.  I imagine that on more than one occasion he had a combination of the two!

Lydia isn't too partial to any one topping.  She actually prefers to have a little sprinkle, dollop or squirt of all the toppings on her plate so she can mix and sample to her heart's content!  In this photo, I think she had a little peanut butter, some raspberry syrup and a smear of honey ... on her face and elbows.

As we progress through the meal, things get a bit stickier, messier and exciting.  Our girls are all affected by sugar.  They get a bit bouncier.  They get a bit gigglier.  They get a bit sillier.  Just warning you ...

Here Norah is testing the capacity of her mouth.  Apparently she can fit an entire aebleskiver in her mouth at one time ... including a spoonful of peanut butter.  That ought to keep her quiet for a bit.

Liddy has apparently decided to forgo the aebleskiver altogether and just use her hand.  Simple rub your fist through the syrupy, sugary goodness and lick clean ... that way you don't fill up on that silly bread stuff.

Yep ... she's feeling it!  She's sticky, slap-happy and smiling.  Watch out, Aaron!

She's coming for you!  Just keep smiling, whatever happens ... even if she tries to grab your food.  Stay calm. :)  Such poise.

I guess Ashley suffered a little carbo-coma and snuggled up on the bench seat for a nap.  Not another picture of her ... but you can be certain that she ate her weight in those delicious little aebleskiver balls.

Brett typically has to wait until the last pan to eat.  He's busy pouring, turning and serving.  We enjoy the hot little bites as they come off the griddle, not letting them cool before topping them and popping them in our little mouths.  Then Brett calls the last batch to eat and settles in to enjoy his breakfast.  Meanwhile, the kids do their best to separate themselves from the organic adhesive that is holding them in their places.  As they peel their elbows and hineys from the table, they thank Daddy for another delectable dessert ... er, I mean, breakfast, and bounce their way upstairs for a thorough cleaning.

A pretty terrific start to a Saturday, I'd say.  Sweet, in a lot of ways ...


  1. I still remember the weekend Amy and I went to your parents' house for your bridal shower and we had these for breakfast! Yum! That weekend is still one of my favorite memories!!

  2. That was a fun weekend! Such terrific girliness! And apparently we were well fed, too. :)

  3. You're always well-fed at Mom's house! Hope I didn't steal your post.. :-D
    Yum- love you!

  4. Loved that you posted the recipe ... then I didn't have to dig it up! :)


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