Friday, October 22, 2010

My Sweet Norah

This morning I was woken up at about 4:30 by my little peanut (Ashley).  After settling her into bed, I tried to get myself back to sleep.  As I lay there thinking about the day ahead, I had to laugh (not out loud, of course...) - seven years earlier, I had woken up at about the same time with my first contractions ... and mere two and a half hours later we had welcomed little Norah Louise into the world!  What a fun little gift from God to remember that precious moment.  I remembered the surprise of my labor starting 10 days early (we had to force Aaron to join the family ... one week late), the long drive to the hospital and my cry of, "Just drive through it!" when Brett lawfully stopped at the red light, the even longer walk to the maternity wing and my fears of having the baby in the elevator and the surprise of having a girl ... a tiny little, precious girl.

Now that same Lil' Button, as we called her in utero, is my long-legged, servant-hearted, creative, funny and inspiring seven year old!  How did that happen?  As you know ... the years just fly by.  Gratefully we will in the age of digital photographs and I can browse through the pictures on my computer and relive all the sweet moments with my sweet-heart.  I thought I would share a few pictures of our wonderful years with this spunky, high-energy sweetie ... some of my favorite snapshots that capture her personality and her spirit.

Little Norah Louise was born on October 22, 2003 at 7:01 in the morning.

She always has a ready smile ... even if she's a bit elfish at times :)

She takes time to enjoy the little things.

And that includes dirt, sand and mud.

And a snowflake, or two.
She has a great sense of humor.

And is not afraid to be a little silly.

Or a lot silly ... yep, that's a coon-skin hat and a tutu.

But she can be serious at times ...

Seriously cute, that is.

She's artistic.

She's expressive.

She's tender-hearted.

She's a perpetual student ... even on her days off school.

She can be brave when necessary ... first lost tooth.

First blisters in gymnastics ... badges of honor, really.

And silly, too, when necessary.  Proof of a good, big sister :)

We know she's flexible ... yes, that is on a slip-n-slide.

And she growing into a lovely young lady.

Yeah ... I love my little Nuna.  She truly is a gift from God and I am so grateful for the privilege of being her mom.  I hope I can teach her even half the number of things she has taught me in her terrific seven years in our family.  Here's to many, many more!  And many, many more photo opportunities to capture her true, beautiful self.  


  1. she's a beauty, just like her mommy :)

  2. Why thank you ... it must run in the family ;) We must have gotten our beauty from you! Smooches!

  3. Sweetie... Bethany said, "BABY!" pointing at the screen... She must have grown her hair under those hats! Thanks for the "walk"!

  4. Beautiful, sweet Norah! What a lovely 7-year walk. Love to all!


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