Sunday, December 9, 2012

Midwinter Memories {nine}

To start at the beginning ...

Sipping the still warm goat’s milk, Ruth smiled across at Sarah.  “That was what my mother lived by, that saying, ‘Be a blessing to someone today.’  She always tried to be a help to the people around her.  Papa said that was why he married her, so he could be blessed daily by her.”  Ruth smiled and closed her eyes.  “And I think he was.  They were bless by each other.”  She sighed and and nodded slowly, “They were always so tender with each other.”
“That’s a sweet memory of Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma.  I hope John and I have a marriage like that someday.” Sarah smoothed her skirts and then sighed.  “However, I had better get busy and do my part.  I have plenty of work to before he get’s back and it would be no good for him to return and find I’ve spent the morning visiting instead of working.” She smiled and took the basket and jar from Ruth’s lap.  “I’ll stop back by later today to check on you.  Or, you can open the door and give a call if you need something.” 
Ruth smiled and nodded, patting Sarah’s smooth hand with her own gnarled and wrinkled hand.  “Thank you, Sarah.  You have been a blessing to me today.”  Her eyes looked glassy, whether from the cold or from emotion, Sarah couldn’t tell.  She kissed her aunt’s silver hair and closed the inn door quietly behind her.
Ruth felt the warmth of the fire on her legs and she leaned forward on her seat.  She gazed into the flames, watching the sparks pop and dance.  The sweet smell of the olive wood burning in the hearth made her dizzy.  She closed her eyes as a fresh wave of memories washed over her.  The pungent smell of the wood sparked a sharp and fresh image that transported her back again to the morning of her tenth birthday.

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