Friday, December 14, 2012

Primary Colors

Hanging up the phone, Jane goes in search of Tommy.  Peeking through the door, she spies his goofy grin.  Then mom scans the color-splattered wall, ceiling.  Finger paints uncapped, squished in the carpet.  Blood pressure rises, deep breathing commences.

"You're a regular Jackson Pollock."

Blue drips through fingers.  Hair's smeared red.

"Bath time!"



Linking up with Red Writing Hood this week - 500 word-limit with this inspiration:

image courtesy of robin.elaine
(via Flickr Creative Commons)
I tried something new this week ... a 55 Word story.  First sentence is 10 words, next is 9 and so on.  A fun challenge!


  1. Oh no! Once my children found the stash of craft glitter. Also a giant mess! (And the 55 word story is wonderful.)

  2. Oh no, I would rather it be the painting in the museum than my house LOL! Great job!

  3. Ha! Short but sweet. Well done. Love the closing line.

    Thanks for visiting me from Write on Edge.

  4. <>

    Such a playful interpretation.

  5. That last line made me laugh. Charming piece.

  6. You did great and is there some truth to this post? Hope you have a Merry Christmas my sweet friend!


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