Tuesday, August 14, 2012

small things {stirring}

small things #57 ... stirring

Yesterday's post of slumbering and snuggling made me wish that we scheduled in a daily siesta for sleeping!  Or at least preserved the restorative habits of napping that we protected so diligently when our kids were babies.  There is nothing quite so lovely as feeling that delicious sensation of dropping off into dreamland in the middle of the afternoon!

Unless you compare that to the delightful moments of waking after a much needed nap ...

Lydia begins stirring a bit, rubbing her nose with the back of her pudgy hand.  Her eyes stay closed but she wriggles around a bit - attempting to settle back into her nest of blankets and a lumpy, down pillow. She is still for a moment.  Then her hands flutter up to her face to feverishly rub at her eyes and nose.  She scrunches her shoulders up to her ears, turning onto her side and burying her face in my pillow.  My girl stretches out her legs with her toes pointed and her back arched a bit.  Her body tenses as she stretches from the top of her sweaty head to her chubby toes.  She makes a little grunting noise and rolls onto her back.  Her eyes flutter and she peeks at me through her dark lashes ...

She bestows on me a sleepy grin.

Lydia scoots closer to me and flops her dimpled arm across my hip.  She absently pats me and exhales deeply.  Her sweet breath on my face carries a hint of the milk she had before nap time.   She mumbles something and forces her eyes to focus on me.

"What's that, Sweetie?", I whisper.

"May we get up, peas?", she murmurs. 

"Sure.  But let's wake up first," I say with a chuckle.

Stirring ... the pull of the pillow and the pull of playtime are equally undeniable!

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