Tuesday, August 21, 2012

small things {less}

small things #61 ... less

Yesterday was a zip! bang! zoom! sort of day.  The first day of school hype, the hustle of grocery shopping, the bump and thump of laundry, the bustle of gymnastics and the screech of the brakes as we came in for a landing in the evening.

The kids were tired out.  I was worn out.  And the day was strung out.  A typical Monday, I suppose.

Today, however, we have less.

Less kids.
Less to do.
Less work.
Less demands.
Less stress.
Less errands.
Less.  Less.  Less.

And it's lovely.

This fall promises to have less of a lot of things.  Less responsibilities outside of the home.  Less days broken up with fragmented schedules.  Less trips to Kidzplex for gymnastics.  Less one kid to care for.  Less of my energies used up which means more of me to give to my family.

Less ... saying no to more doing and saying yes to more being.

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  1. I always found the fall and school year to mean more. More meetings, more volunteering, more getting up early to get everybody out the door and more of the little ones at home being lonely for brothers and sisters gone to school. I'm glad for you it will mean less. I hope it means less stress! Happy Fall, (almost).


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