Friday, August 3, 2012

small things {being great}

small things #55 ... being great

Lydia leans into my Gram's lap.  She smiles and lays her chubby hand on Gram's ~ a powerful reminder of the eighty years that separate them.

Norah smiles at something my Poppy says to her as she perches on the coffee table in front of him.  He strokes her hair back from her face and she giggles.

Aaron looks Gram straight in the eye.  Shoulder to shoulder and nose to nose.  He gently hugs her and mumbles something I can't make out.  But Gram smiles and touches her forehead to his.

Ashley sits in the crook of Poppy's arm.  He pats her knee and reminds her of how much he adores her.  She smiles up at him past the thumb in her mouth.

From my seat across the room, I watch these precious and fleeting interactions with my eyes burning.

My great grandparents sharing their great love with their GREAT-grandchildren couldn't be more, well ... great.

Being great ... whether you are in your eighties or still just three, loving well is pure sweetness.


  1. Shouldn't it be their great grandparents or my grandparents in the paragraph close to the end?

  2. What a special thing! I have great memories of my greats loving on me!

  3. It is so lovely that your family could be together like that. How precious those photos and memories will be someday.

  4. Those are GREAT memories that will be forever etched on all our hearts!!


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