Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Snapshot ~ Many Stories

I peered into the little green light.  
Cocked my glasses just right so that they weren't glowing from the computer screen.  
3 ... 2 ... 1 ... beep!

One little snapshot with a host of stories hidden within!

Nestled on the mantle, three little pumpkins sit, ushering in this crisp and colorful season.  I'm looking forward to a crackling fire and the promise of baking my backside as I sit on the hearth.  I'm transported back to my childhood and the potbellied stove that heated our entire house.  (Well ... most of it.)  I remember standing with my hiney heating up in front of that blazing beast and then running to the couch, sitting down and searing my pants to my legs.  And then doing it again.

A rumpled and ransacked couch peers over my shoulder.  The cushions always seem to be slumping, the pillows need plumping and the blankets are tossed hither and yon.  But it's still a comfy place to snuggle with my kids to giggle through a Phineas & Ferb episode ... or with Brett in the evenings, watching a favorite "mommy daddy" show with a mug of tea clasped in my hands.

My hair is pulled up.  Again.  I have perfected the glamorous up-do ... the hairstyle of choice among stay-at-home-moms with little people clustered around her feet.  It's easy.  It looks nice.  And a shower is not necessary.

The pendant on my necklace is the bit of bling that Brett bought me.  So pretty!  The necklace it hangs from is a new addition.  A new creation, actually.  On Sunday, I had the joy of sitting with my mom and sis - sitting around the table together making new jewelry.  Having the chance to tap into my creative side had an astonishingly therapeutic effect.  I was energized and now I have some more lovely  and sparkly things to wear!

This little necklace also speaks of my sister's generous heart.  On our way out to my mom's studio on Sunday, I cautiously mentioned that, "uh, if we have the time, or, the uh, parts ... I thought I might like to make a new necklace of this little medallion ... the beaded necklace broke a while ago and ... well ... this chain is kinda, you know, blah ..."  She said, "Sure."  And then proceeded to unpack two dozen boxes of beads, organized by color and style (because that's how she does things!), three trays in which to design our necklaces and a bin filled with tools and wire and other gadgetry that we non-necklace makers would shudder at.  "What do you want to make first?", she asked.  Nine new pieces of bling later, I was all tapped out creatively, but the invitation stands to come back and do it again!  Thanks, Sissy.

There's more in this snapshot:  the framed portrait of my kiddos - all looking too cute and too big; the two little blue birds of happiness - first perched on the top of our wedding cake and now surrounded by four more little glass blue birds of happiness; and the ottoman that your can rest your feet on, or ... use as a springboard for when you are imagining yourself as a lifeguard and the swimmer over on the pink gymnastic mat needs you ... or ride it like a horse, bending the cushion sideways and yeehawing around the family room ... or with the cushion off to the side, you have a the perfect table for popcorn during movie mornings.  You get the picture.

My seat at the computer where I write.  Sharing little bits of my heart, capturing snippets of life that strike my funny bone, processing what God presses on my heart, discovering again that God is in the midst of this season of life ... this season as a mom in the midst of a lot.

15 But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect ... (1 Peter 3:15)

One Snapshot ~ Many Stories!

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  1. What a beautiful response to the prompt! My Mom makes my jewelry too (sometimes), I know it can be very therapeutic and energizing for her as well. :) Enjoy all your new sparklies!!

  2. Showers are overrated. I love the necklace! I liked learning about the photo, knowing what surrounds you and what the things mean to you.

  3. Love it. Your picture and the jewelry.


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