Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mom In the Midst

As moms, we often find ourselves up to our necks in busyness.  We are surrounded by people who need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We find ourselves facing endless demands of our limited time, energy and attention.  We make lists of tasks to accomplish and feel that the lists grows daily in spite of our attempts to mark things off.  We clean a room, move on to the next task and turn around to find that same room in need of cleaning again.  We face challenges we never anticipated ... how do you get diaper cream out of the upholstery?  We come face to face with our own human limitations and persevere anyway.  
If you are agree with those statements, it’s probably safe to assume that you, too, are ...
A mom in the midst of life.
A mom in the midst of diapers and teething rings.
A mom in the midst of homework and tough friendships.
A mom in the midst of high chairs and building blocks.
A mom in the midst of raising a child and discovering your own personal growth, too.
A mom in the midst of tough choices and gut instincts.
A mom in the midst of bruised shins and broken hearts.
A mom in the midst of long days and longer nights.
A mom in the midst of doubts and worries.
A mom in the midst of big successes and little triumphs.
A mom in the midst of the toughest job you’ve ever known.
These are all true and very real.  But I would also add that you are ...
A mom in the midst of God’s peace and love.
mom in the midst of God’s grace and mercy.
A mom in the midst of God’s purposes and plan.
I am also a mom in the midst ... in the midst of the craziness of parenting, but also in the midst of discovering God’s goodness.  Recently my prayer has been for God to show me the value of my mothering and He has been faithful to do so.  I believe that if we ask God to open our eyes to see where He is at work in the middle of our harried days, He will give us little snapshots of what He is doing.  And when we see that God is present even in a regular day of changing diapers and teaching ABC’s, we discover that everything we do as mothers has the potential to move from the ordinary to the sacred.
God speaks to us every day - through His word and through the world around us.  If we take the time to listen to Him, I believe that we will discover that He has a lot to say to us ... in the midst of our mothering.

I am taking part in the 31 Days Challenge ... join me this month for some amazing discoveries!

Day 24:  Listen!  Do You Smell Something?

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