Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Children of All Ages...

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages...please direct your attention to the center ring where The Amazing Alistair waits to astonish and astound you!  Behold!

Amazing Alistair - the Animal Charmer!

See how he stands, hat in hand, peering out into the murky blackness.  What ferocious creature will he encounter this evening?  What wild beast, hungry for fresh meat, prowls in the darkness?


Do you hear the snapping jaws, the scratch of its curved claws in the sand, the swish of its powerful tail?  Watch as Alistair flicks his whip.  The resounding crack awakens the beast!

Behold, the leviathan from the deep!

Do not be fooled by its short legs, nor the way its belly drags through the dirt.  This mud monster has jaws that can crush steel!  Tear flesh from bone!  His tail alone threatens to sweep Alistair's feet from beneath him, leaving him vulnerable, sprawled in the dirt, easy prey for this beast's voracious appetite.  See it creep toward Alistair, jaws springing open and clamping shut with terrifying force.  His scaly snout is but mere inches from Alistair's polished black boots.

But, wait.  What is Alistair is doing?  Does he sing?  Can you hear the magic words that he whispers to this creature from the swamp?  Watch as this leathery fiend sways back and forth, the soothing words washing over him.  Can The Amazing Alistair charm even this carnivorous brute?

From the darkness, we see the lovely LaVonna riding on such a curious contraption.  What, pray tell, does Alistair have in mind?  Could it be?

Yes!  Yes! 

Have you ever seen such a spectacle?
The savage beast has climbed atop the seat of the pink motor scooter and...driven away!

Bravo!  Bravo!


Linking up with Write at the Merge this week - 291 words inspired by the pictures above.  Sweet silliness!

Linking up with Trifecta - 291 words inspired by the word:  Charm 3: to control (an animal) typically by charms (as the playing of music)


  1. Ha! There is nearly nothing that I would not so to see an alligator ride a pink vespa, especially with the helmet on! Fun read!

  2. Well, that would be entertaining to watch!

  3. Not only was this a fun read, but so creative! :)

  4. Very cute. Made me laugh. Thanks!

  5. This was fun to read! Well done. :)


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