Monday, December 6, 2010

Extreme Privacy

The other day, we were headed home from the grocery store when we saw an interesting sight.  As we pulled out of our parking space, I happened to glance up and see several men standing on the roof of the grocery store.  They were all wearing hard-hats (so that made them "official", I guess ...) and a few of them had harnesses on.  They were walking back and forth along the edge of the building.

Naturally, I asked Ashley what she thought they were doing.  Her automatic response was, "Maybe they are wanting their privacy."

I almost burst out laughing ... but she wasn't done.

"Maybe they have something important to talk about and they had to go way up there so they wouldn't be bothered."

Ah-ha ... so that's what it takes!  To truly you have your space, you need to find a roof somewhere.  I think we had better start locking our windows because, lately there has been a familiar battle cry throughout the house:  "I want my privacy!" or "I want my alone time!"  The next thing I know, I'll have my kids out on the roof, hoping for a few minutes to themselves!

I think it has a lot to do with the sudden change in weather.  We had enjoyed such a mild fall that I think we got a little spoiled being able to get outside and run around a bit.  Now that there is a definite chill in the air, we are boxed in a bit here within our four walls and we run the risk of being a bit stir-crazy.  I think I'll have to be a bit more intentional about outdoor-time ... and making sure that the kids get to run off some of that nuttiness!

I also think that since our kids each share rooms, it's hard for them to each carve out their own space.  Aaron & Norah truly enjoy sharing a room and seeing as they have a lot of similar interests, it still works.  But there are certainly moments when it would be great to have them bunking alone.  Like when Aaron thinks it's perfectly alright to have eight pairs of dirty socks on his floor or when Norah gets on a cleaning binge and starts organizing her toys ... but has to first dump them out all over the floor.  Those the times when I need them to have space, too!

Ashley and Lydia also share a room and it's a bit of a rollercoaster with them.  Sometimes they love it.  Sometimes ... not so much.  Naturally, it is Ashley who is most verbal about her need for space, but Lydia makes her needs known as well.  Sometimes by pitching whatever toys Ashley is currently playing with out into the hall.  She gets right to the point!

Just this morning, I heard Ashley crying and Lydia shouting, "No!" and then some muffled scuffling.  As I walked in the room, Ashley was clutching her clothes for the day while Lydia was pinning her big sister against the bed.  (Have I mentioned that they both weigh the same?  It's a pretty even fight!)

When I asked what the problem was, Ashley whimpered, "I just want my privacy to get dressed."

"Why don't you go in the bathroom then?" I asked.

"I tried," she responded, "But Lydia kept barging right in."

So ... while I physically held Lydia back, Ashley managed to escape her sister's clutches and flee to the privacy of the bathroom.  sigh ...

Such sisterly-love! :)  If they didn't beg to play together the other 98% of the time ... I'd be worried.  Fortunately, they enjoy each other ... they just need some space.

And, it's not just the kids.  I want my privacy sometimes, too.

To go potty without being hollered for ... or found.

To have a shower without a little voice yammering on the other side of the curtain ... or peeking around the curtain.

To dress for the day ... but not in stages.  First, the pants, followed by someone needing a drink.  Next, clean socks, followed by the need to play referee.  Finally, a shirt, before needing to get back into the fray.

To have my book in the same place I left it ... with the bookmark still marking my place.

To know that my things in the bathroom are safe.  That the-child-who-will-not-be-named hasn't pulled out all the floss and then stuffed it back in the drawer.  In a wad.

To have my dresser be mine.  Not shared with Ashley's artwork, Lydia's bedtime books, Norah's love notes for Lydia's next year's birthday card or the toys Aaron's lost due to disobedience.  Right now on my dresser I have a pet rock, holey tights, a half shredded Lego catalogue and a bike horn.  None of those things belong to me! :)

A few minutes to have a cup of tea without having to share it ... or protect it.

Yep ... I think Ashley was on to something.  If you need me, I'll be up on the roof!

Maybe with my iPod listening to another of my favorite artists ...


  1. If I lived closer, I'd be glad to steal you away for our own private tea party!!

  2. Sounds lovely ... I'd like that a lot! :)

  3. Isn't that a song? "Up on the Rooftop, Mommy goes..."? Oh wait...

  4. Yes ... "Up on the Rooftop, Mommy goes. Don't try to join 'er or she'll tweak yer nose!" :)


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