Sunday, August 22, 2010

Like I Was Saying

This is a little taste of the silliness that you might enjoy here at Snapshots!

We are wrapping up the summer and trying to squeeze every last bit of foot-loose & fancy-free-ness out of it.  This past Wednesday we celebrated our first annual Park-A-Palooza. On the night before (I guess that would be Palooza-Eve) I packed a picnic lunch, water bottles, sunscreen, hats, scooters, a variety of sports equipment, bubbles, chalk and a batch mysterious clues.  When the kids got up on Wednesday, we had breakfast as usual ... but when they asked to be excused I asked them to please do their regular morning routine and then get their shoes on and go potty.  Oh my!  Just a burst of excitement!  The next few minutes were buzzing as they ran from room to room speculating what the morning might hold.  Within a few minutes we were ready to go (it's amazing how quick they are to obey when fun is on the line!) and we headed to the van.  As you will see from the scrapbook (courtesy of SmileBox) we had a great morning ... and consequently some really great naps!

My very favorite pictures of the kids are Liddy in the swing, Ashley working her way across the monkey bars (her first time EVER!), Norah stuck in her swing and Aaron laughing uproariously with Caleb as he holds onto his catch.  True snapshots of pure joy!


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  1. Aren't you missing one? Where was Rebekah?

    Looks like a fun day!!

  2. Yes ... She was in Durango with her Grandma & Grandpa Mulder. We missed her ... especially Norah who was without a partner :) It was still a fun day!


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