Thursday, August 21, 2014

Taking Flight

Swifty glided through the open window of the miniature schoolhouse and landed without a sound on the old wooden stool at the back of the room. She was late, as usual, and hoped Miss Flit hadn't noticed. Of course, that old hawk-eye had.

"Nice of you to join us, Swifty," Miss Flit clicked her tongue. Swifty's already pink cheeks flushed as she mumbled an excuse, eyes downcast. Miss Flit peered at her a moment over her half-rimmed glasses before turning her attention back to her class. "Alright class, as I was saying, school begins in just two days..." The class erupted into a chorus of cheers, drowning out her voice.

Pip, the littlest fairy, beamed up at Swifty. "Aren't you excited," she squeaked. "I've waited my whole, entire life to be a First Day Fairy and now it's finally my turn!" Pip clapped her hands resulting in an explosion of turquoise glitter around the two fairies. "Oops!" Pip clamped her hands over her mouth and giggled, clouds of glitter hovering over her blonde head like a halo.

Swifty simply shrugged, her pale pink wings quivering. Turning her gaze to the front of the room, she looked past the hour-glass in the center of the room and the iridescent grains of sand trickling down, counting down the final moments until the first bell rang on the first day of school, and focused instead on the black ornate plaque that hung behind Miss Flit. The plaque read: Star Fairy of the Year. Swifty screwed up her delicate face as she read the name below the gold stamped words: Dot.  Not this year, Dot. This year it's going to be me. 

"Class," Miss Flit tapped her desk with her ruler. "Please quiet down, class. We have lots to talk about today." The commotion in the small classroom quieted down and another handful of iridescent sand fell through the crystal hour-glass. "Very good. First, we will discuss the use of Jitter Glitter for calming the nerves of our newest students. Please open your books to Chapter 1." There was a rustling of pages being flipped. Swifty sat up straight and tall in her chair and gave her fairy wings a flutter, determination etched in her face. I'll be the best Star Fairy they've ever seen. Just you wait and see.

Image courtesy of Pipii

As part of a personal 30-Day challenge to write everyday and in light of this new season of life with all the kids in school, I have begun a little tale. A story of new beginnings, bumpy landings and finding our wings. Enjoy!

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