Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Little Bribery

I shove another Bacardi box into the growing stack; a veritable castle wall stands guard in our garage.  Stepping back I brush my bangs back from my sweaty forehead, leaving a grey smudge above my left eyebrow.  My hands are covered with newsprint from a dozen different headlines as I wrap and roll our life into careful little bundles and nestle them into vodka boxes and whiskey cartons.

Returning to the living room I find my kids sprawled on the floor, the excitement of packing having waned in the recent days.

"How much more packing do we need to do?" my eldest moans.

"Just a few more boxes, Buddy, then we can take a break and do something fun.  We're getting closer with every box we pack."

A chorus of half-hearted "yeahs" fills the nearly empty house.

"Come on, kiddos, let's band together and tackle the laundry room.  Then we can call it a day."

Their four bodies remain motionless.

"Maybe we could watch a show in a bit."

A few shoulders shrug.

"While we eat some cake and ice cream?"

Suddenly my weary packers are energized.  I set an empty box on top of the dryer and we start filling it with hats, sunscreen, bug-spray and a random shoe.

"Mom?  You do know it's only ten o'clock, right?"



Linking up with Write at the Merge this week - 222 words inspired by the picture above.  Personally, I opted for some red wine, but I waited until a bit later.  And a generous "thank you" to all the area liquor stores for their contribution to our moving supplies!

Linking up with Trifecta - inspired by the word:  Bind 

3: to gather together : unite <banded themselves together for protection>


  1. ANY time is a good time for cake and ice cream! Especially when doing such hard, boring work.
    Nicely done!

  2. Always a great motivator. Fun story!!! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Tough job, moving and keeping the kiddies entertained! My wife and I had a similiar experience just this past week. We were at the airport at seven in the morning, feeding our two small girls chocolate chip cookies with their breakfast. Ya do what ya gotta do! :) Thanks for a fun story.

  4. Oh yes,there is always a motivating factor..i mean if you offered me a cupcake I'd pretty muchndo your bidding too. Hee.

    This was sweet and truthful..well written too.Mud

    Thank you for linking with us this week

  5. So true! We used a lot of egg cartons :) Awesome handles :)

  6. Oh yes, I've been there using sweets to motivate the child. Lovely.


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