Monday, June 3, 2013


"Thanks for waiting, Sweetie."  A glum face stares up at me.  "You don't have to stop whatever you're playing.  I just wanted to let you know that I'm ready when you are."  Her pout transforms into a toothless grin and she turns back to her passel of girls, all sitting criss-cross-applesauce in a cramped circle.  Giggles erupt as I walk away.

Later on the drive home, I ask, "What were you playing?"


Suddenly I'm transported back to the 2nd grade and from somewhere, hidden away in the forgotten recesses of my brain, the words tumble out...

Bubblegum, bubblegum in a dish,
How may pieces do you wish?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!

Eyes wide with surprise are reflected in the rearview mirror.  "You know that game?!?"

A smile creeps across my face.  "I was a kid once, you know."


Linking up with Write at the Merge this week - 200 words inspired by the picture above. 


  1. aww! i don't know that game, but i know that moment. very nice, especially "passel of girls."

  2. That is so sweet. I love hearing my daughter repeat games that I played as a girl, and didn't remember until I heard it come from her.

  3. You were not. You came out fully Mommy formed. Duh. Everyone knows that!

  4. AHHH! YES!
    These are the kind of conversations I am having now with the boys, "Mommy do you know this movie?" ,"You know this song?" and I love watching their faces light up with that knowledge.

    this was wonderful.

  5. I get the same reaction from my 6-year-old sometimes when I know the words to the rhymes he learns at school. I love this. So sweet, like bubblegum!

  6. I swear I have had this moment with my kids! Lovely!

  7. Kids always think they invented everything, don't they? I loved how you conveyed that wonder into the piece.

  8. I remember that! Sometimes I shock my own children with pieces of my childhood that spill over into theirs.

  9. I had read this but must have been in a hurry. I totally enjoyed this and could imagine the expressions of surprise by the girls and smugness from mom.


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