Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nervous Nelly Belly

My big, little girl (i.e. Norah) is famous for having a nervous nelly belly ... this would be one of the many ways that we are alike.  She, like her mommy, gets that floppy, butterfly feeling whenever she is up against something new, challenging, different, scary, difficult, unfamiliar or anything she has to do on her own.  Anytime that she is facing an experience that she knows is going to ask a bit more of her or that she knows will require her to dig a little deeper into herself or that in which she knows she will have to stand on her own two feet ... she gets that flippy, floppy feeling deep inside.  A nervous nelly belly.  Knowing her like I do, and knowing how hard it is to pull herself together and take on the task at hand, I am so very proud of her when she does.

Each day before school, I feel her little grasp get a bit tighter as the time approaches for her to head off into class.  In spite of her being excited about school and excelling, it is still hard for her to step off alone.  But she does it.

Each day of gymnastics, she starts dragging her heals and making little "stay with me" faces as class time approaches.  She absolutely loves gymnastics, but it is hard for her to head through that door on her own.  But she does it.

This summer at swim lessons, she clung to my hand as I signed her in each morning ... she has quite a grip!  She then would proceed to jump into the pool with a splash and enjoy her 30 minutes, but she was definitely reluctant to go off without me.  But she did it.

Can you tell that I'm just a tad bit proud? :)  Because of these good healthy challenges and these wonderful character building experiences, we have seen our sweet girl grown into a confident, mature and independent young lady.  And she's only 6 and 11/12 years old! :)

Seeing as little Norah is able to master her nervous nelly belly and take on the challenges ahead of her ... she has been an inspiration for me to step up and step out, too.  Did I say that we are alike? :)

When I was little, I vividly remember standing in the wings during a talent show at Ouray School and feeling sick to my wee little stomach.  I was dressed as a little angel and was all ready to perform a little song about "Five Little Angels" ... I don't think I made it on stage.  I also remember attending one day of ballet ... giant butterflies in my belly and a huge desire to disappear into the wood-work.

Even as an adult I have struggled with feeling anxious and uneasy in the face of new experiences or challenging situations.  I remember that sick feeling in my stomach before getting up in front of MOPS  to speak ... even though I knew everyone in the audience.  That unsettling feeling of being "out of my league" is still very vivid from when I have had to introduce myself to a group of strangers at a meeting or school function.   Even making telephone calls to people I don't know can give me a nervous nelly belly!  Then there are the worries about how people really feel about me ... am I like-able?  Feelings of insecurity and anxiety are a regular part of my day.

But, taking a cue from my fearless Norah, I decided one month ago to step out of my comfort zone and try a little something new ... a little something I wanted to do, but wasn't too sure about; something I felt God guiding me towards, while not being 100% convinced that I could:  I posted my first Snapshots message.  Boy, did I have a terrifyingly, enormous case of nervous nelly belly!

I was a bit scared ~ what if no one reads it?
I was a bit unnerved ~ what if no one cares about what I wrote?
I was a bit frightened ~ what if I run out of things to write about?

One month later, I can say, "Wow! Thanks, God!  What an amazing experience!"  He has been so very faithful to reassure me in the midst this adventure in a variety of ways.  Now I am ...

Humbled ~ Who new I'd have people across the continent and 
even the Atlantic reading what I wrote?!

Thrilled ~ I've been the recipient of many 
encouraging notes and fun comments!

Inspired ~ Everyday God gives me another
 little snapshot about which to write!

So ...
Thank you, faithful readers, for taking time during your busy days to visit!
Thank you for sharing with me your own thoughts and feelings!
Thank you for passing this site along to others who might enjoy it!

Having this "job" of writing has helped to give added purpose to my daily routine and a deeper satisfaction with this season of my life.  God has opened my eyes to the many mini-episodes of my day-to-day life ... and a little extra insight into how I can use the ordinary parts of my day to be an encouragement to others.  I'm excited to continue to grow in confidence and in purpose in my writing.  It's certainly a journey and I'm delighted to travel it with you!

In closing, let me ask you a question:  What gives you a nervous nelly belly?  Is it something new you need to try?  Is it a fresh challenge God wants to use to grow you up a bit?  Is it an idea that God has been percolating in your mind and heart?  Jump in and "just do it" ... God just might have a surprise for you, too!


I'm off on a field trip with my boy today ... so no new devotion today.  Catch you tomorrow! :)


  1. I'm afraid you may have inherited my nervouse nelly belly. Yep, sorry, I use to actually get sick to my stomach before ANY new thing. And since we all have something new almost every day of our lives I think I spent most of my life wondering...how am I going to get through this. And now, I'm more like, bring it on baby...there ain't much I can't do. hahahaha!
    love you! xoxmomxox

  2. yeah ... thanks for that! :) ha! Someday, hopefully, I'll be able to say the same thing! It's baby steps towards bravery!


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